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1/8" Thick

Trekell’s thinnest panels come in at a very slim 1/8”. That’s about the thickness of 30 sheets of paper. At this size, these panels have a barely noticeable profile when hung on a wall. However, it stands out enough to provide an effect that makes the surface pop. Panels in this section include ACM, Hardboard, and Baltic Birch.
  • Aluminum Composite Panel Aluminum Composite Panel
    The future is now and it's our Aluminum Composite Material panels. Two sheets of coated aluminum and one sturdy hunk of polyurethane provide the efficient skeleton for a 1/8" thick panel that's equal parts strength and beauty.
  • Hardboard Panel Hardboard Panel
    Need a surface that keeps its shape? Come lean on a Trekell hardboard. These highly archival panels are able to handle a whole heck of a lot. But, while they’re heavy duty, they don’t feel bulky.
  • Baltic Birch Baltic Birch
    Baltic Birch checks all of the boxes: strong, firm, reliable. For the newcomer, it’s a revelation: affordable, low maintenance, highly archival.
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