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General Pencil Watercolor - Save 25%

General Pencil Watercolor - Save 25%

General Pencil Watercolor - Save 25%

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Since 1889, General Pencil Company has been owned and operated by the Weissenborn family, carrying on the dream of its founder, Edward Weissenborn, who started his first pencil factory in 1860. General creates quality, handcrafted pencils and other tools using traditional methods that have spanned six generations. While its history stretches back decades, General’s goal has remained the same: create consistent products in a sustainable manner for artists of all levels.

General Pencil Watercolor

General has been making Kimberly Watercolor pencils since 1930. Over that time, General has perfected these “indelible pencils” and they’ve since become an indispensable part of anyone’s collection. Ideal for watercolor paper and heavier stocks, these pencils take on an incredible depth and richness when water is added. Truly, though, one of this pencil’s finest virtues is the way it sharpens cleanly, thanks to a specialized Carbo-Weld bonding process. You’ll love using these sets as a jumping off point for your creativity: while the possibilities are endless, you’ll feel confident knowing they’ll always be up to the task.

Trekell offers sets of 12 and 24 differently colored pencils.

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