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Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor - 10 mL Tubes - 40% Off MSRP

Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor - 10 mL Tubes - 40% Off MSRP

Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor - 10 mL Tubes - 40% Off MSRP

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There’s something to be said for traditions. Sennelier has been making watercolors for more than a century, utilizing a production method that continues to stand up not only to time but artists’ ever-changing wants and needs, as well. That has made the company’s watercolor line a go-to for painters inspired by the great French Impressionists. But, while the grindstones continue to rotate and work out every imperfections, Sennelier has also evolved to incorporate cutting-edge techniques in pigment composition. Really, you get the best of all eras, old and new, equaling a perfect wash free of particles. These watercolors are a little honey, a little Kordofan Gum Arabic as a binding agent, and a lot of patience. There’s a 24-hour wetting procedure that every pigment goes through, along with multiple runs through the grindstone. What comes out the other side is a high-quality product with a wonderful variety; why, just look at that dazzling array of colors. They all go on so easily, too. But, take a deep look into the colors you apply and you’ll be transfixed by an uncommon depth, a brilliance that’s both subtle and yet almost alive. That’s what you get when you take your time and master your craft. Traditions are traditions for a reason: it’s a sign that something should last. Pick up a 10 mL tube today and we bet you'll love what you create every day after.

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