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Pinstriping & Lettering

Trekell’s Pinstriping Brushes and Lettering Brushes are a lot like the end-products they help produce: effortlessly virtuosic and incredibly clean. While these brushes can be used with any medium and will surely find friends among the adventurous, they excel within the hands of sign makers. Whether it’s a Quill with its unique natural/synthetic filament mix or our other synthetic lines, you get an intelligently designed brush that radiates an exacting command, almost acting like an extension of the user. With a predictable performance that still wows after many uses, and ably soaking up what you need and painting what you want, Trekell's Pinstriping and Lettering Brushes make a clear statement in more ways than one.

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Pinstriping Sword 8030 Series
With a body like a liner brush and a head like an angle brush, the sword brush mixes the best aspects of the aforementioned into a wholly new experience. Its tip can paint a fine line, but if you apply pressure, the line gets wider. A sword brush is a natural for calligraphy and anyone looking for on-the-spot expression.
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$3.36 - $20.33
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Pinstriping Dagger 8040 Series
Though its shape-derived name sounds violent, the dagger brush's use tends to be more elegant. Sure, it can make a sharp line, but it's masterful at creating teardrop-styled shapes. Need a flower, for instance? A dagger will do it.
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$3.63 - $21.86
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Pinstriping Script/Rigger 8050 Series
The script brush's long hairs are formed into a narrow point. Tasks requiring delicate details, such as highlighting, outlining, and lettering, are where the script brush has made its name, though its paint-carrying capacity also allows for long, unbroken strokes.
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$2.54 - $14.51
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Lettering Quill Brush 8060 Series
Trekell’s Quill brush sports a six-inch handle for maximum maneuverability. When paired with this unique filament that mixes natural and synthetic squirrel hairs, you get a brush that glides across glass, making its marks effortlessly across smooth surfaces.
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$25.62 - $236.97
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One Stroke Lettering 8070 Series
Trekell's One Stroke Brush went through a meticulous design process to ensure it excels at lettering. Utilizing the versatility and maneuverability of its pinstriping lineage, the One Stroke Brush goes across a painting surface smoothly without a hint of drag.
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$3.36 - $60.11
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