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Panels! Panels! PANELS! Trekell offers all of the surfaces you could ever hope to create on. Want something light and yet unbelievably sturdy? Check out the Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Gatorfoam panels. Or, perhaps you want that classic panel feel. It doesn’t get much more traditionally elegant than a Baltic Birch panel. Whatever your preference, know that you’ll also find a variety of finishes that will meet your every need. So, what unites all of these choices, you ask? Just like the rest of Trekell’s products, it’s a sense of quality and craftsmanship that goes that extra mile. That has always been our promise: stocking the best for the artist who appreciates the best.
  • Aluminum Composite Panel Aluminum Composite Panel
    The future is now and it's our Aluminum Composite Material panels. Two sheets of coated aluminum and one sturdy hunk of polyurethane provide the efficient skeleton for a 1/8" thick panel that's equal parts strength and beauty.
  • Baltic Birch Panels Baltic Birch Panels
    A Trekell Baltic Birch Panel is a real crowd pleaser. For the experienced panel enthusiast, Baltic Birch checks all of the boxes: strong, firm, reliable. For the newcomer, it’s a revelation: affordable, low maintenance, highly archival.
  • Gatorfoam Panels Gatorfoam Panels
    Have you held a Gatorfoam panel? The near-weightless material feels like nothing at all. Incredibly transportable, it's ideal for anyone interested in Plein Air painting. But don't let its lack of mass fool you.
  • Hardboard Panel Hardboard Panel
    Need a surface that keeps its shape? Come lean on a Trekell hardboard. These highly archival panels are able to handle a whole heck of a lot. But, while they’re heavy duty, they don’t feel bulky.
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