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Opal Long Flat 4000LF Series

Opal Long Flat 4000LF Series

Opal Long Flat 4000LF Series

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Trekell’s Opal Line of brushes uses the finest in synthetic hog bristle. Like a natural hog bristle brush, an Opal is incredibly durable, able to keep its shape even after heavy duty use. And the Opal Line is also versatile, handling the rigors of either oil or acrylic with ease. However, these brushes have their own unique flow and produce a different texture. Same sense of control, but a pleasingly different output. That’s what makes the Opal more than just an alternative. Feel the difference. Try an Opal today.

The long flat, like the name suggests, is a longer flat brush with a slightly convex tip resembling a chisel. Known for holding its shape, a long flat is ideal if precision and control is the goal when working with heavier paints.

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