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Kolinsky Wash 7010 Series

Kolinsky Wash 7010 Series
Kolinsky Sable Hair Watercolor Brush

Kolinsky Wash 7010 Series

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Serious artists associate Kolinsky Sable hair with high-end performance and long-lasting quality for good reason: few other, if any, hair types have that superior snap and resilience. With nickel-plated brass ferrules, black and silver lacquered hardwood handles, and needle-like points, our Kolinsky line makes an already outstanding product better. Your search is over: here's the cornerstone brush for your watercolor or oil arsenal.

Washes come in a limitless array of shapes and sizes, producing a infinite number of impressive effects. However, the brushes' uses are largely the same. A wash is for large areas and great amounts of water and color; either wetting these spaces or soaking those materials up.

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