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General Pencil Graphite - Save 25%

General Pencil Graphite - Save 25%

General Pencil Graphite - Save 25%

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General’s graphite pencil line, be it under its own name or the historic Kimberly brand, is known first and foremost for its results. Each pencil has been designed with performance in mind. Inside the incense cedar wood exterior, cores are bonded with the ingenious “Carbo-Weld” process. That translates into a pencil that is truly a paragon of strength and durability, qualities further proven by a point that is four times stronger than similar pencils. It all equals a pencil that can withstand the daily rigors of real life while still sharpening cleanly and easily. There’s a fine line between usability and reliability, but General’s graphite pencils are the ones that draw it.

Kimberly Graphite Drawing Pencil Kit

If you ever wondered why Kimberly’s graphite pencils prosper in situations when other pencils snap, it’s because of the non-porous Ceylon core. Combined with the specialized “Carbo-Weld” bonding process, you get a hex-shaped pencil that’s downright brawny. And yet, these graphite pencils still make elegant, smooth, unbroken lines and sharpen easily.

This 10-piece set comes with 8B, 6B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, 2H, and 4H pencils, one eraser, and one sharpener. The pencils have been pre-sharpened.

Graphite Art Pencil Kit

This entry-level set is a great way to try out Kimberly graphite pencils. You’ll get three Kimberly pencils in 2B, HB, and 2H, one layout pencil, and one eraser. The pencils have been pre-sharpened.

Layout Pencil

Animators in the know have been trusting General’s Layout pencils since the 1930s. These handy, 1-degree pencils are “extra smooth [and] extra black,” perfect for outlining and sketching in that they provide high contrast to a white page. Applying pressure unleashes an evocative, rich black, but these pencils are also capable of a number of subtle shades. The genuine Incense Cedar wood also looks and sharpens great.

Sketch & Wash + Sharpener

The instructions on how to best utilize a Sketch & Wash pencil are right in the name: sketch, add a wash, watch the magic happen. Though built to the usability, durability, and reliability guidelines of other General graphite pencils, the Sketch & Wash is really at home in wetter environs. Brushing water upon marks creates evocative washes of grey and black. You can also draw directly onto wet surfaces to highlight details. Better still, a Sketch & Wash plays nice with watercolor pencils and other tools that show their best selves when liquid is involved.

This great value set includes two pencils and a sharpener.

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