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Golden Taklon Wash 2070 Series

Golden Taklon Wash 2070 Series
Golden Taklon Watercolor Brush Set

Golden Taklon Wash 2070 Series

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The 6" handle version of our Golden Taklon line takes everything artists love about the 10" version -- the snap, durability, look, and feel -- and transfers it to a complete brush offering complete control. Indeed, the once-frustrating world of fastidious detail is now no match thanks to this brush's nimbleness, flow, and maneuverability. Pair it with its sibling and you have quite the dynamic attack. Of course, that's part of the Golden Taklon line's design: On their own each brush is special, but together they make an unbeatable team.

Washes come in a limitless array of shapes and sizes, producing a infinite number of impressive effects. However, the brushes' uses are largely the same. A wash is for large areas and great amounts of water and color; either wetting these spaces or soaking those materials up.

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