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Gamsol - 25% Off MSRP

Gamsol - 25% Off MSRP

Gamsol - 25% Off MSRP

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Gamblin Gamsol is safe and doesn’t smell. If you’ve worked with other odorless mineral spirits (OMS) or turpentine, you know why that’s a big deal. The reason Gamsol is safe and doesn’t smell is simple: the junk has been removed. And yet, despite its mild profile, Gamsol still works, relaxing oil colors, modifying mediums, and cleaning your tools and surfaces better than the dangerous stuff. Plus, it is so versatile. But don’t take only our word. Artists from every corner have found inventive ways to use Gamsol. Just one of many: Splitcoaststampers’ Gamsol Magic Tutorial. That the word “magic” appears in there is no accident. Discoveries like that have helped Gamsol build up a legion of acolytes who can’t live without it. In turn, those artists are always inventing, adding to the list of things Gamsol can do. Still, it all comes back to two impressive properties: Gamsol is safe and doesn’t smell.

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