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Gamblin Mediums - 25% Off MSRP

Gamblin Mediums - 25% Off MSRP

Gamblin Mediums - 25% Off MSRP

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Galkyd is one of those mediums that makes you wonder if there’s anything Gamblin can’t do. This alkyd resin thins oil paints, making them more fluid, meaning you’ll see elevated levels of transparency and gloss. Mix in some more and you’ll change the paint’s texture, smoothing your strokes and getting a unique, harder surface once things dry. And that’s Galkyd’s claim to fame: its drying properties. Oil is a notoriously slow dryer, but Galkyd speeds up the process. In that respect, maybe you could call it a closer because it finishes up what you started. But, like many of Gamblin’s products, it’ll probably just leave you saying "wow."

Solvent-Free Gel

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel gets your paints and pencils to do what you want them to do. And, because it’s solvent-free, you know it’s safe. The safflower oil and alkyd resin ensures the product is gentle on you. But that doesn’t mean this gel is wimpy. No, unlike other solvent-free mediums, Solvent-Free Gel has a ton of applications. Search around the web or duck into any artist forum and you’ll find someone gabbing about a new technique that uses Solvent-Free Gel as the facilitator. Really, the uses are as limitless as your imagination, it’s just that Gamblin helps to bridge the gap and turns your dreams into a reality. Oh, and it dries moderately quickly; as if Solvent-Free Gel needed another virtue.

Refined Linseed Oil

Gamblin’s dedication to creating non-toxic mediums continues to shine in its Refined Linseed Oil. Perfected through a method consisting of pressing American flax seeds that are further refined by an alkalai process, Gamblin’s Refined Linseed Oil works miracles when thinning oils, especially when it comes to increasing the pop and translucence of colors. And yes, Gamblin’s Refined Linseed Oil has very low acidity, making it truly as “light and pure” as Gamblin’s website indicates.

Neo Megilp

Soft and silky: those are the most common words found in Neo Meglip testimonials. This Gamblin update on Maroger dries at a moderate rate which allows artists to fiddle with their creations until they’re content. But the look and feel are the qualities that artists love. Some say it bestows upon their colors a unique shimmer, a satin gloss that increases the atmosphere. And that makes sense, as this soft gel, per Gamblin’s website, increases “transparency and flow” which transforms oils into a pleasing substance that has a velvety tactility. Plus, due to its makeup – alkyd resin base sans toxic materials – it’s safe to use. Add in that it won’t yellow whites like other mediums and you just might be writing your own glowing testimonials after trying it.

Safflower Oil

We already know that Gamblin offers an unbeatable combination of quality and affordability, but how about this for stretching your dollar? Not only can you use Gamblin’s Safflower Oil as a non-toxic, solvent-free substance for cleaning your brushes, but it’s also a great painting medium that will amp up the flow of colors while extending the dry time. Plus, since this medium is non-yellowing, it’s ideal for lighter colors. Now that’s the kind of versatility that deserves the Gamblin name.

Galkyd Gel

Gamblin’s Galkyd Gel’s prosaic name belies the magic contained in every 150ml tube. Yes, it’s a “gelled alkyd resin.” But, as its many fans can attest, it’s so much more. Why else would a search turn up testimonials calling it the “best stuff ever”? What earns it that universally effusive praise is how Galkyd Gel interacts with paint, increasing transparency of oils and creating impasto of pleasing breadth and depth. Indeed, it transforms brushmarks, sharpening and deepening them. But many are simply wowed by the drying properties. Galkyd Gel is unique in that respect, finding a suitable middle ground. It dries quicker than some, but slower than cheaper gels that harden long before you want them to. That just-right ability means this gel can be applied in multiple layers. Because of that, you’re going to want to add multiple tubes to your toolkit.

Cold Wax Medium

Gamblin’s Cold Wax Medium is made primarily from unbleached pure beeswax. It comes out of the can as an inviting, natural white substance. It looks humble, but let us tell you, this medium’s many qualities are sneakily revolutionary. With a touch of alkyd resin and odorless mineral spirits added into the mix, Cold Wax Medium dries to matte surface, thickening oil colors. The true advantage, though, is its ease of use: you don’t need heat and it’s already formulated to be knife consistency. Without having to focus on laborious set-up or safety concerns, you can get right down to creating some truly jawdropping effects. Cold Wax Medium adds an evocative tangibility to your colors, one that can be increased or tamed by adding in other Gamblin mediums. Flexible and with a versatility that can be unlocked by the truly creative, it really is a wonder that white beeswax is able to do so much. Find out what it can do for you by picking up a 4oz jar or 16oz can today.

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