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Hog Bristle Bright 400B Series

Hog Bristle Bright 400B Series
Hog Bristle Brush, Bright Series

Hog Bristle Bright 400B Series

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Our Hog Bristle Brush line has the bristle brush characteristics you've come to expect: flags at the tip, a natural curve, and interlocking bristles assisting you to spread paint smoothly. But the virtue setting Trekell's Hog Bristles apart is the feel. With long black and silver-lacquered handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules, these brushes are perfectly balanced. They move gracefully and evenly; an extension instead of an impediment. A Hog Bristle is an oil or acrylic necessity, one that's as valuable to your collection as it is affordable to own.

The shorter, evenly-shaped hairs of bright brushes are ideal for easily controlling heavy and thick applications of paint with succinct strokes. If you're planning on laying paint atop of paint in terse bursts, these brushes are a must.

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