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Trekell began life as an artist paint brush manufacturer. We've since grown to incorporate all manner of professional art supplies under the Trekell name while reserving special spots in our hearts for the perfect paint artist brushes. Call it a calling, call it an obsession; just know that we take the art of brush making very seriously.

Every time you hold a Trekell paint brush, you feel every second of our 30-plus years of experience. The balance, the flow, the snap; every aspect has been considered and tested and tweaked until it's right. We are all about getting details right, including the cost. Because, how could we keep something so perfect to ourselves? Get your Trekell artist brushes today. We made them just for you.
  • Brush Sets Brush Sets
    Artist brand paint brush set including limited editions as well as art gift boxes for acrylics, watercolor and oil.
  • Hog Bristle Hog Bristle
    Hog bristle paint brushes for oil painting including filbert, flat, and fan series.
  • Golden Taklon Golden Taklon
    Our Golden Taklon line of synthetic hair paint brushes finds the rare middle-ground between versatility and durability.
  • Kolinsky Kolinsky
    Serious artists associate Kolinsky Sable hair with high-end performance and long-lasting quality for good reason: few other, if any, hair types have that superior snap and resilience.
  • Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Legion - Synthetic Mongoose
    Synthetic brushes shouldn't feel so natural, but our Legion line isn't normal. The Legion performs like a natural hair mongoose brush, but retains the durability of the stronger synthetics.
  • Mop Mop
    New and improved, Trekell’s Oval Mop 6000 Series is a step up in every way, combining ideal softness with long-lasting durability.
  • Opal - Synthetic Hog Bristle Opal - Synthetic Hog Bristle
    Trekell’s Opal Line of brushes uses the finest in synthetic hog bristle. Like a natural hog bristle brush, an Opal is incredibly durable, able to keep its shape even after heavy duty use.
  • Onyx - Synthetic Squirrel Onyx - Synthetic Squirrel
    Trekell’s Onyx Brushes certainly live up to their mineral namesake, something which has been revered and respected throughout history for its miraculous properties. Designed with control in mind, both in detail and retention qualities, these brushes bring together precision and unhampered flow without the fear of flare outs.
  • Pinstriping & Lettering Pinstriping & Lettering
    Trekell’s Pinstriping Brushes and Lettering Brushes are a lot like the end-products they help produce: effortlessly virtuosic and incredibly clean. While these brushes can be used with any medium and will surely find friends among the adventurous, they excel within the hands of sign makers.
  • Protégé - Synthetic Kolinsky Protégé - Synthetic Kolinsky
    Trekell’s Protégé synthetic brush line has learned all of the lessons imparted by the original. In this case, that O.G. instructor is kolinsky sable-hair, a classic brush filament known for its retention and performance properties.
  • Red Sable Red Sable
    Renowned for its softness, Red Sable is particularly adept at spreading paint thinly and evenly, providing artists an exacting control over their shading and structuring. And, with their nickel-plated brass ferrules and long, black and silver lacquered handles, our Red Sable brushes contribute a sure-handed and balanced confidence to take your painting to the next level.
  • Spectrum Spectrum
    Trekell’s Spectrum line of brushes was easy to name because they’re true all-around all-stars. Made from innovative synthetic fibers, a Spectrum has the sharpness of a deluxe animal hair brush.
  • Varnish Varnish
    Varnish can be a tricky thing to apply well, especially if you don’t have the right brush. That’s why Trekell’s Varnish Brush 105 Series have been designed with application in mind. These brushes that come in three sizes – 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm – are ideal for laying down consistent, thin layers of varnish.
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