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The unsung hero of the art world, the art medium is where a lot of artists find their freedom. Trekell carries a line of easy-on-the-artist miracle art mediums that can help you achieve whatever effect you desire. Whether it’s preparing a canvas or panel or thinning a paint, you’ll find a supportive collaborator here to help your dreams come true. Find high-quality professional artist mediums and supplies including Gamblin mediums, Gamsol and Golden acrylics as well as GAC mediums.
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Gamblin Mediums - 25% Off MSRP
Gamblin's contemporary mediums are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent.
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$4.09 - $20.21
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Gamsol - 25% Off MSRP
Gamblin Gamsol is safe and doesn’t smell. If you’ve worked with other odorless mineral spirits (OMS) or turpentine, you know why that’s a big deal.
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$6.19 - $17.96
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Golden Acrylic Mediums - 8 oz - 30% Off MSRP
Golden Acrylic Mediums may be used to create glazes, extend paints, build texture, change finishes, or as a gluing agent.
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$8.39 - $13.15
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Golden GAC Mediums - 8 oz - 30% Off MSRP
GACs can be blended with GOLDEN Acrylic Paints to extend the paint, regulate transparency, create glazes, increase gloss, reduce viscosity or improve adhesion and film integrity.
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$10.98 - $11.54
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