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General Pencil Erasers - Save 25%

General Pencil Erasers - Save 25%

General Pencil Erasers - Save 25%

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Since 1889, General Pencil Company has been owned and operated by the Weissenborn family, carrying on the dream of its founder, Edward Weissenborn, who started his first pencil factory in 1860. General creates quality, handcrafted pencils and other tools using traditional methods that have spanned six generations. While its history stretches back decades, General’s goal has remained the same: create consistent products in a sustainable manner for artists of all levels.

Tri-Tip Eraser
Formed into a pleasingly comfortable triangle shape, General’s non-abrasive, latex-free Tri-Tip Eraser can stand up to almost any job. Designed for removing charcoal, pastel, and graphite, this eraser has a give and feel that’s addictive. While you’ll want to reach for it whenever you can, you can rest assured that it’ll always be there whenever you need it most. It’s hard to say an eraser is imbued with power, courage, and wisdom, but have you held this one?

Factis Extra Soft Eraser
This extra soft eraser is latex-free, meaning its a great fixer of any “oops” on fine, watercolor, or vellum surfaces. And that’s its calling card: General’s Factis erasers are renowned for not messing up your papers. If that wasn’t enough, it’s even a good house guest, picking up its spent shavings.

Kneaded Eraser
General’s Kneaded Eraser got its name because you can knead it into any shape. That kind of adaptability makes it a favorite with artists who need an eraser that can do the right job at any time. Latex-, lanolin-, and PVC-free, this Kneaded Eraser is a natural at eliminating graphite, pencil, and charcoal.

Art Eraser Set:

1 Kneaded Eraser

1 Factis Extra Soft White Vinyl Eraser

1 Gum Eraser

When you need to rewind, make sure to pick up this art eraser set. Here you’ll find a friend that will eliminate every mistake, be it the utility-knife-esque Kneaded, durable Gum, or paper-friendly Factis Extra Soft White Vinyl Eraser. All erasers are latex-free and a dream to use. You might even have more fun using them than your other tools.

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