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Trekell’s impressive array of art panels can be categorized many ways, but nothing beats love at first sight, right? Here’s the place where you’ll find our beloved panels – renowned for their confident durability and ability to inspire creativity – sorted into shapes. Maybe classical contours such as ellipses, rounds, or triangles catch your eye. Or perhaps you’re transfixed by more exotic geons like hearts or hexagons. No matter your selection, here’s a spoiler: You can’t make a bad choice! So, dive in and see exactly what a Trekell art panel can do for you.
  • Ellipse Ellipse
    Made out of ever-reliable Baltic Birch, Trekell’s Ellipse Panel is yet another unique and evocative shape in Trekell’s continually expanding and diversifying line of panels
  • Hexagon Hexagon
    If you feel like your art has been too square lately, maybe it’s time to paint outside the box with a hexagon.
  • Round Round
    1/2” inches of beautifully rounded Baltic Birch with a keyhole for easing hanging, and nothing more.
  • Triangle Triangle
    Try something new today with one of our Triangle Panels. As always, made with the finest Baltic birch.
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