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Just like the Spinners sang, I’ll be a round. Well, maybe that's not exactly what they meant, but these beautiful Trekell art panels certainly make a strong case for why a Round panel should be in your life. Cut into a perfect circle, a round panel subtly draws the human eye towards it, which helps your creations to get noticed. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re a joy to create upon, endowed with the infinite virtues that have made Trekell panels a true go-to for any artist who wants to work on the best.
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Raw Round Wood Panel - 1/2
Sometimes nothing beats the bare basics. This cradle-less raw round wood panel is as raw as a raw wood panel can get: 1/2” inches of beautifully rounded Baltic Birch and nothing more.
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$3.04 - $20.99
In Stock
Gesso Primed Round Wood Panel - 1/2
This 1/2"-thick primed panel has been sealed with Golden GAC100 and then perfectly primed with three coats of gesso.
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$3.60 - $26.50
In Stock
Round Floater Panel
This one-piece, handsome hunk of ¾”-thick Baltic birch has a section that has been routed out to look like a frame.
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$10.99 - $24.99
In Stock
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