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Mediums, Primers & Varnish


When someone says to you, "How the heck did you get that effect?" Oil mediums, primers, and varnishes are the answer. Gamblin products will change the way you paint. In fact, all of them will help you execute your unique vision to the highest degree possible. No collection of supplies is complete without them. Explore how you can get everyone talking today. 

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Gamsol - 25% Off MSRP
Gamblin Gamsol is safe and doesn’t smell. If you’ve worked with other odorless mineral spirits (OMS) or turpentine, you know why that’s a big deal.
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$6.19 - $17.96
In Stock
Gamblin Mediums - 25% Off MSRP
Gamblin's contemporary mediums are true to historic working properties, yet safer and more permanent.
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$4.09 - $20.21
In Stock
Gamvar Varnish - 25% Off MSRP
Gamblin’s Gamvar is all about saturating and maintaining. It brings out the best of your colors. It also protects your work for ages to come.
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$11.21 - $18.71
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Ground - Oil Primer - 25% Off MSRP
Gamblin Oil Ground only requires one week of drying time. Compare that to the six months of waiting if you plan on using common lead or linseed oil grounds.
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$16.26 - $21.71
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