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Landscape Panels

There’s no easier way to create arresting movement and flow on a wall than using a Trekell Landscape Panel. Cut to classic dimensions, these panels seem to burst forth from wherever they’re situated, providing a unique dynamism to the creations placed upon them. If hung horizontally, they draw the human eye naturally across their surfaces. Positioned vertically, they generate their own sense of gravity, delineating an above and below. Of course, the visual effect is one thing, the tangibility another. Each version is hewn from magnificent Baltic birch, combining a consistent smoothness with a sturdy rigidity. From there, you have three unique jumping-off points: the Floater with its extra pop; the Block with its august simplicity; and the Raw 1 ¾” Profile with its seamless basswood cradle. No matter your choice, your finished work will exude an immersive quality that will grab the attention of anyone who comes across it. Try one today and get ready to be moved in every sense of the word.
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Landscape Floater Panel
This one-piece, handsome hunk of ¾”-thick Baltic birch has a section that has been routed out to look like a frame.
Average Rating
$15.25 - $34.03
In Stock
Landscape Block Panel - 1/2
This cradle-less raw wood panel is as raw as a raw wood panel can get: 1/2” inches of beautiful Baltic Birch with rounded corners, keyholes drilled in the back, for easy hanging, and nothing else.
Average Rating
$7.55 - $16.51
In Stock
Raw Landscape Baltic Birch Panel - 1 3/4
This 1 3/4"-thick panel features a Baltic birch front panel and a basswood cradle -- two highly-sought-after woods.
Average Rating
$8.73 - $15.51
In Stock

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