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General Pencil Draw/Sketch - Save 25%

General Pencil Draw/Sketch - Save 25%

General Pencil Draw/Sketch - Save 25%

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Since 1889, General Pencil Company has been owned and operated by the Weissenborn family, carrying on the dream of its founder, Edward Weissenborn, who started his first pencil factory in 1860. General creates quality, handcrafted pencils and other tools using traditional methods that have spanned six generations. While its history stretches back decades, General’s goal has remained the same: create consistent products in a sustainable manner for artists of all levels.

General Pencil Draw/Sketch

The amount of options and possible configurations of pencils and sticks can be dizzying, which is why the people at General have put together two perfect sets.

The first is the Drawing Pencil Kit, a wonderful 12-piece collection that puts everything you need in your possession. You’ll get:

- Two flat sketching pencils in 4B and 6B
- Three charcoal pencils in 2B, 4B, and 6B

- One charcoal white pencil
- One Kimberly white pencil

- Two layout pencils
- Two rectangular graphite sticks in 2B, 4B

- One square graphite stick in 6B

To top it off, you’ll also receive a pleasingly minimalist box.

 The 20-piece Classic Sketching and Drawing Kit is more expansive as the name implies. You’ll get:

- 10 pastel chalk pencils
- Four charcoal pencils

- One flat sketching pencil
- One layout pencil

- One Kimberly drawing pencil
- One sketch and wash pencil

- One kneaded eraser
- One metal sharpener

- One draughting pencil

 No matter which set best meets your needs, you can feel confident in knowing that you’ll get a smartly constructed collection that can tackle any project. And when you consider the value, it makes the decision even easier.

Carbon Sketch Pencil + Sharpener

When you’re looking for the something between graphite and charcoal, there’s General’s Carbon Sketch pencil. This is the perfect middle ground, able to mimic both the easily made lines of graphite with the striking blacks of charcoal. Primarily used for sketching, this pencil can double or triple as an able outliner or layout equivalent.

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